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re-sized mongol horses

2009 | 30 August - 0 Comments

One week into the race and it’s time to see how the MONGOL DERBY is going…

The first riders crossed the finish line on Saturday in just 7 and a half incredible days. It is a fantastic achievement. …

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re-sized pactola-lake Dakota

2009 | 28 August - 3 Comments

Adventure racing in the picturesque Black Hills of South Dakota

The Adventure Race in the Black Hills of Dakota will be approximately an 8-hour course depending on your level of fitness …

re-sized world heli challenge.2

2009 | 27 August - 0 Comments

Yet more extreme games in New Zealand – THE WORLD HELI CHALLENGE

The World Heli Challenge event organiser Tony Harrington says:>“The World Heli Challenge offers the athletes the best conditions in …

re-sized shaun white snowboarding

2009 | 26 August - 0 Comments

World Snowboard Champs show us how it’s done

Notwithstanding the delays caused by the strong winds, Liu Jiayu of China and American legend Shaun White of the USA eventually …


2009 | 26 August - 0 Comments

Wingsuit flying update

re-sized madway south team

2009 | 26 August - 0 Comments

MadWaySouth’s adventures continue – and a draw is declared

“It only takes a nano-second lapse in concentration to let a kite drift from safety into the power zone and imminent danger,” …

re-sized shaun white in goggles

2009 | 24 August - 0 Comments

The top snowboarders in the world are in New Zealand

In less than 24 hours the LG Snowboard FIS World Cup Halfpipe  competition begins at Cardrona Alpine Resort as part of the …

re-sized Mount Elbrus routes

2009 | 24 August - 2 Comments

What sort of a mountain is Mount Elbrus to climb?

The weather on Mount Elbrus can be extreme, in bad weather it can become Arctic, which gives it a place in xtremesport4u, …

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