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2009 | 30 July - 0 Comments

Bike extreme in the south of France

Chateau de Berne near Lorgue in the south of France is our very local extreme bike heaven with a bike part, cross country …

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2009 | 29 July - 0 Comments

Iditarod listings of mushers for 2010 are already in…

The Iditarod Trail, the last great race in the world, is a National Historic Trail, had its beginnings as a mail and supply …

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2009 | 28 July - 0 Comments

The Wedge is in its element

That storm, coupled with a high tide, has created monster waves that have been pounding the coastline. 20 ft waves + are …

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2009 | 28 July - 0 Comments

Record for Apa Sherpa on Everest

On Wednesday, June 10, Apa Sherpa reached the summit of Everest, for his 19th time—more than anyone else in the world. …

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2009 | 26 July - 0 Comments

The Death Valley Badwater Ultra-Marathon

So what does one propose to do there? Well, why the hell not – an ultra-marathon? …

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2009 | 22 July - 0 Comments

A bit of background to Adventure Racing

The Raid Gauloises, or The Raid, is considered by many to be the first modern Adventure Race and was first held in 1989. …