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re-sized Waikatipu bike challenge

2009 | 31 March - 0 Comments

Cut-off date extended for the Tour de Wakatipu in New Zealand

Due to popular demand, the deadline to enter the New World Tour de Wakatipu mountain bike event has been extended to the …

re-sized Phil-Keoghan

2009 | 31 March - 0 Comments

Live life to the full – sage advice from Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan is a man who enjoys taking risks. The seven-time Emmy-winning host and producer of The Amazing Race and best-selling …

re-sized Volvo World Ocean Race

2009 | 29 March - 0 Comments

Extreme Ocean Racing

re-sized summer skiing

2009 | 28 March - 0 Comments

Farewell to winter

It was fabulous to have the freedom to go where we wanted and when we wanted and without having to wear all the goretexed, …

re-sized Kite_buggying_at_claggan_erris

2009 | 27 March - 0 Comments

Kite Buggying in New Zealand – the heart of all extreme sports

New Zealand is a great place for all extreme sports… …

re-sized Mountainboard with nosno bindings

2009 | 26 March - 0 Comments

From mountainboarding to mountainboard kiting

With mountain boarding one of the fastest growing extreme sports, is was only a matter of time, before the board was teamed …

re-sized mountain boarding feature

2009 | 25 March - 1 Comment

Mountainboarding is one of the fastest growing extreme sports.

A mountainboard is part snowboard and part skateboard. It has a snowboard-like deck, adjustable turning system, air-filled …

re-sized ski helmets

2009 | 24 March - 0 Comments

Canada to take a lead in ski/snowboard helmet certification

After the tragic news last week from Mont Tremblant ski resort we have been looking out for news on the reactions to whether …

re-sized freediving in pool

2009 | 24 March - 0 Comments

Freediving – how many minutes does an extreme depth dive take?

Static time underwater is timed, but with depth dives it’s the depth that’s more important – not the time it takes although …

re-sized snowboard_no show

2009 | 23 March - 0 Comments

Top stars ‘no show’ at US Snowboarding Open Championships

White pulled out of competition before the halfpipe finals Saturday afternoon with an ankle injury. He injured his left ankle …

re-sized kite buggy and dog

2009 | 23 March - 0 Comments

More about Kite Buggying

Kite buggying is a sport for all ages. Kids as young as 8 have tried their hand at this thrills and spills sport – and become …