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re-sized rodeo roping

2009 | 28 February - 0 Comments

Rodeo roping – great skills demonstrated by both sexes

Rodeo is considered extreme as not only is there a limited number of participants but it is also dangerous, fast and very …

re-sized rodeo

2009 | 26 February - 0 Comments

Rodeo timed events – barrel racing, pole bending, steer wrestling

Rodeo can certainly be termed an extreme sport. It originated from the activities of cowboys who on a daily basis were managing …

re-sized landsailing

2009 | 25 February - 1 Comment

Land Sailing in the USA – all you need to know

One of those extreme sports that we don’t often write or hear about is landsailing and so we thought we would give you a …

re-sized the needle

2009 | 24 February - 0 Comments

Should a fear of heights put you off rock climbing?

Rock climbing is an extreme sport that has a bit of everything – but as most climbers seem to find, it is really a fear of …

re-sized mountain biking

2009 | 24 February - 0 Comments

Catskill Mountains to host 150 mile staged mountain bike race

A group of mountain bike enthusiasts want to create a four-day race in the Catskill Mountains this summer, making use of …

re-sized indoor climbing

2009 | 23 February - 0 Comments

Some hows, wheres, whats and whos of rock climbing

Climbing outside is very different from climbing inside. Aside from technique-based differences, outdoors tends to include …

re-sized stop-avalanche
re-sized Borneo's pinnacles

2009 | 19 February - 0 Comments

Sabah Eco-Challenge Adventure Race in Borneo

The sport of Adventure Racing is sweeping the world at a phenomenal rate. It is one of the most extreme competitions for …

re-sized freeride at Kranjska Gora

2009 | 18 February - 0 Comments

Mountain biking at Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

There is a fun bike park at Kranjska Gora and the tracks will suit all kinds of bikers from experts, who are looking for …

re-sized skiing Slovenia

2009 | 17 February - 0 Comments

An Olympic style competition that might interest you

World Winter Masters Games are being held at Bled, Slovenia with the Alpine Skiing competitions will be held in Kranjska …