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re-sized SEQKITE Canada

2009 | 30 January - 1 Comment

Kite Surfing in Canada

Fast growing and simple to learn, kitesurfing is one of the newest and most rewarding adventure sports out there, but in …

re-sized classic_haute

2009 | 28 January - 0 Comments

The Haute Route between Chamonix and Zermatt

The Haute Route ski tour is probably the most famous and coveted ski tour in the world. It is certainly extreme. …

re-sized turtle

2009 | 27 January - 0 Comments

Scuba world’s top destination

Bonaire has swept a majority of the top honors and continues its domination as the world’s top dive destination. Located …

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re-sized snowboard jumping

2009 | 26 January - 0 Comments

Ski Jump extreme rebuilt in New Hampshire

As ski jumping is an extreme that we have rarely covered in the XtremeSport4u blog we thought it might interest our readers …

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2009 | 26 January - 0 Comments

Please heed the warnings if you are planning on climbing in Scotland over the next few days.

Buachaille Etive Mor, near Glencoe in Scotland, was the scene of a triple tragedy on Saturday. Three other triple fatalities …

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re-sized jeb corliss

2009 | 24 January - 0 Comments

American squirrel man escapes jail sentence

Jeb Corliss is one of the most celebrated and well known names in the world of base jumping and wingsuit flying. …

re-sized Murren Swizterland

2009 | 23 January - 0 Comments

Have you heard about the INFERNO RACE ?

Murren Switzerland holds one of the largest amateur ski races in the world… …

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2009 | 23 January - 0 Comments

How to ride a waveboard

Getting started on a waveboard… …

re-sized waveboarding

2009 | 22 January - 0 Comments

Waveboarding’s latest adaptation

We have noticed that there is an increasing number of those extreme sports enthusiasts who are asking more and more about …