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re-sized Seton going up beach

2008 | 29 December - 0 Comments

What’s the difference between SNOWBOARDS and MOUNTAIN BOARDS?

Mountainboarding has developed into a sport in it’s own right with it’s own culture and history which includes racing, freestyle, …

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2008 | 28 December - 0 Comments

An up-to-date Snow Report

Research shows that snowfall has been very widespread already this year. …

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2008 | 27 December - 0 Comments

More on 2009 Snowboarding and Skiing Hot Spots

Great places to ski around the world. …

re-sized surfing big waves

2008 | 26 December - 0 Comments

Big Waves to think about this weekend…

Some of the biggest waves ever surfed… …

re-sized ice in Siberia

2008 | 22 December - 0 Comments

Adventure racers might like to know about the JANUARY RACE at Anisimovka, Russia.

Looking to do something different next year??? What a way to start it: a ski holiday at the Gribanovka Ski Resort timed perfectly …

Full speed ahead for Cape Horn
re-sized snowkiting for reuse

2008 | 20 December - 0 Comments

Snowkiting, snowboarding and kitesurfing???

When snowkiting goes wrong… …

re-sized Steph Gilmore at the Billabong Pro maui event

2008 | 19 December - 0 Comments

Surf the waves – were they able to finish the Billabong Pro Maui event?

There was no surf at Honolulu Bay, for the first time in the 10 year history of the event, and so the organisers were forced …

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re-sized snowkiting.2

2008 | 18 December - 0 Comments

How different is SNOW KITING to KITESURFING on water?

They say that Snow Kiting is a lot easier to learn than kiteboarding on the water. This relatively new discipline is a combination …

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2008 | 17 December - 0 Comments

Hang Gliding championship fest down under

The annual hang gliding fest at the Forbes Flatlands aerodrome (NSW, Australia) kicks off… …

Vendee – Golding's catastrophe