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re-sized BASEjumping

2008 | 30 September - 0 Comments

What is the Difference Between Basejumping and Wingsuit Flying?

BASEjumping is the extreme sport of parachuting from the tops of very tall natural objects or constructions whilst wingsuit …

re-sized jack-osbourne

2008 | 28 September - 3 Comments

How Safe is Bungee Jumping?

re-sized mount everest

2008 | 26 September - 0 Comments

Extreme Ways of Conquering Everest: Helicopter, Shanks Pony, Skis

To reach this mythical summit definitively seemed to be a dream… …

re-sized Verzasca dam wall

2008 | 26 September - 0 Comments

Would You Ever Bungee Jump?

Somebody described it as ‘the ultimate leap of faith’… and it is an apt description. Extreme in the extreme, unnatural …

re-sized vic falls bungee
Sand dunes
re-sized climber in SA

2008 | 23 September - 0 Comments

Are You a Fan of Abseiling or do you prefer Rock Climbing?

Here are some great climbing places in the Southern Hemisphere. …

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re-sized Carstenz Pyramid

2008 | 22 September - 0 Comments

I Found Another Mountain!

It is the highest mountain in Indonesia and the highest mountain in New Guinea. …

re-sized Unicycle on mount everest

2008 | 20 September - 1 Comment

Extreme unicycling on Mount Everest

Unicycling down Mount Everest? That’s certainly extreme… …

re-sized freediving Hawaii

2008 | 20 September - 0 Comments

A Little More on Freediving, some info from Kerian Hibbs

There is a difference between freediving and ‘no limits’ diving. My last 2 articles on record breaking dives were both ‘no …