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2008 | 31 August - 1 Comment

Extreme challenger of mountain and ocean – Charlie Wittmack

“It’s a challenge that’s been floating around in adventure circles for a while now.” …

re-sized clouds and space

2008 | 30 August - 0 Comments

"It’s Bungee Jumping for Rich People" – Extreme Vacations

“It’s bungee jumping for rich people” says John Logsdon of the Space Policy Instute, whilst talking about space tourism. …

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re-sized kites on beach

2008 | 28 August - 0 Comments

Some tips on what kite surfing kit to buy

You have done a kite surfing course or two and understand the danger. You have been out on a few day trip by yourself and …

re-sized Usain Bolt

2008 | 25 August - 0 Comments

Another extreme Olympian

re-sized kite crash - mine

2008 | 25 August - 0 Comments

Kite surfers extreme stupidity

Dangerous kite surfing crashes can be avoided with a little nouse rather than lashings of stupidity! …

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2008 | 22 August - 0 Comments

BMX in Beijing

In its Olympic debut, bicycle motocross racing had something to prove to fans of the five rings, especially to those who …

re-sized Fitzroy Patagonia

2008 | 21 August - 1 Comment

South America’s Toughest and Most Challenging Mountains

The mountains have rules. They are harsh rules, but they are there, and if you keep to them you are safe. A mountain is not …

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2008 | 20 August - 1 Comment

Europe’s Toughest and Most Challenging Mountains to Climb

Technical climbing of the Matterhorn is a long-loved tradition luring many, from novices to professionals and is best arranged …

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2008 | 20 August - 0 Comments

Whiteface mountain biking downhill event details

“This race course starts off at over 40 miles per hour and then disappears into some of the best, naturally challenging downhill …

re-sized Nangar Parbat

2008 | 19 August - 20 Comments

The World’s Toughest and Most Challenging Mountains to Climb – the Himalayas

These legendary mountains have attracted adventurers over the centuries. But extreme weather, perilous crevasses and even …

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2008 | 19 August - 8 Comments

World record for bungee jumping

A New Zealand man has set a world record for the most bungee jumps in 24 hours, diving 103 times Friday from Auckland’s Harbor …