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re-sized EBay_Logo

2008 | 30 June - 0 Comments

Extreme life falls short of the mark for Ian Usher…

An amusing story of a British man living in Perth, Australia, who put his entire life up for auction on eBay following the …

re-sized pollution in Beijing

2008 | 30 June - 0 Comments

Canadian mountain biking team fear Chinese Olympic pollution

The Canadian MB team want to avoid the searing heat and choking pollution expected to swirl around the Laoshan Mountain Bike …

re-sized Cardrona
re-sized kitesurfing jump

2008 | 29 June - 0 Comments

Kite surfing record discussed and explained

Erik Eck’s accidental record when he was swept into the air by a freak thermal whilst kitesurfing in Hawaii which didn’t …

re-sized alabama

2008 | 28 June - 0 Comments

Alabama’s answer to mountain biking and rock climbing enthusiasts

With rock climbing, hiking trails and a new mountain bike race course, Hurricane Creek Park has evolved into one-stop adventure …

re-sized for 2 kitesurfers - mine

2008 | 27 June - 0 Comments

Boys with their toys

Extreme footage of a trimaran pulling two kiteboarders in its wake as it powers its way across the ocean flat out… …

re-sized kitesurfing at Tenerife

2008 | 26 June - 0 Comments

Tenerife kitesurfing action on video

Some excellent action of kite surfing at Tenerife… …

re-sized paragliding at Annecy

2008 | 26 June - 0 Comments

Where to go for your Paragliding sensation in France

Annecy, France, a world-class paragliding and hang gliding center. …

re-sized bike racks

2008 | 25 June - 0 Comments

Bike racks for the car

Mountain biking has become a popular hobby and sport among many people so what’s the best way to transport your bike? …

re-sized raquetball

2008 | 25 June - 0 Comments

The extreme art of Racquetball

Racquetball is actually much more intense than most people give it credit for. …

re-sized zorb

2008 | 24 June - 0 Comments

Zorb rolls into trouble

Executives of a New Zealand company carving out a global niche in extreme sports say they are investigating a counterfeit …