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re-sized scuba diving octogenerians

2008 | 31 May - 0 Comments

These octogenarians – way to go Maam!

81 one year old Marge Frisch from Florida, USA has just completed her first scuba dive off the Grand Cayman Islands. …

re-sized hang glider for supergran

2008 | 30 May - 0 Comments

SUPERGRAN Barbara Rawlings: I’m going to fly like a bird on my 80th

“I have been in a helicopter but I have always wanted to try hang-gliding and never had the chance before,” supergran of …

re-sized for kiting - mine

2008 | 29 May - 0 Comments

BKSA recommendations if you want to start kite surfing

According to the British Kite Surfing Association (BKSA), the best way to get started is to take a 2-3 day kite surfing course …

re-sized Search_and_Rescue_

2008 | 29 May - 0 Comments

Rescued Divers’ Heroes or Fools?

“It should be mandatory for people who do extreme activities, in this case scuba diving, to have insurance and, if they don’t, …

re-sized tower
re-sized land diving Vanuato

2008 | 28 May - 1 Comment

The origins of bungee jumping

Each diver must select his own vine. Its size is of utmost importance and if it is only 10 cm too long, the diver could hit …

re-sized Oliver Hicks

2008 | 27 May - 0 Comments

Extreme challenge – Ollie Hicks attempts to circumnavigate the world singlehanded in a rowboat

I would like to introduce you to Ollie Hicks, a 26 year old Brit who is about to attempt one very extreme adventure and that …

re-sized ski sticks

2008 | 27 May - 0 Comments

15-year-old Camilla Hempleman-Adams reaches the North Pole

“It’s like walking on diamonds and sparkly jewels,” she said. …

re-sized lost at sea

2008 | 26 May - 2 Comments

Australian Police Investigating ‘Lost At Sea’ Scuba Diving Accident

Yesterday police launched an investigation to find out why the captain of The Pacific Star dive boat delayed notifying officials …

re-sized mother daughter team scale Everest

2008 | 25 May - 0 Comments

Mother Daughter Team, Cheryl and Nikki Bart, Successfully Scale Everest

Not only have they conquered Everest, but they are the first mother/daughter team to complete the Seven Summits. …

re-sized MB Derek

2008 | 24 May - 0 Comments

Mountain Biking in Zimbabwe

Bored with main roads I soon started off-road excursions – elephant and rhino make GREAT MTB trails! …

re-sized 2 climbers