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re-sized ocean search and rescue

2008 | 29 April - 0 Comments

All 8 divers rescued alive after 36 hours adrift

I’m pleased to be able to report that after more than 36 hours adrift in the sea off southern Taiwan all eight scuba divers …

re-sized search for lost scuba divers

2008 | 29 April - 0 Comments

Missing scuba divers off Taiwan and once before off the Great Barrier Reef

A massive air and sea search failed to find any trace of the eight missing scuba divers for a second day in seas off Taiwan’s …

re-sized diving Taiwan

2008 | 28 April - 0 Comments

Strong winds and sea currents blamed as 8 scuba divers go missing in Taiwan

An all-out search for eight missing scuba divers in waters off the Kenting National Park at the southernmost tip of Taiwan …

re-sized parachutists

2008 | 28 April - 0 Comments

Greying skydivers compete in Australia

You’re never too old to get an adrenaline fix… …

re-sized glacial surfing

2008 | 25 April - 0 Comments

Extreme Glacial Surfing.

Winter surfing in Alaska …

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re-sized rock climbing

2008 | 23 April - 0 Comments

A Few Things You Might Want to Know About Rock Climbing

Rock climbing requires you to be in pretty good physical shape. You’ll be using your legs and arms to haul yourself up the …

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2008 | 18 April - 0 Comments


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2008 | 9 April - 0 Comments

Scuba Diving – the things you need to know:

Did you know that a store is not allowed to sell you scuba diving equipment (including tanks) unless you have a licence? …

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