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re-sized BMX xtreme
re-sized air ambulance

2008 | 25 March - 0 Comments

Experienced sky diver in fatal fall

Tragic skydiving accident …

re-sized scuba divers

2008 | 20 March - 0 Comments

Extreme sport accessible to the handicapped

Learning to scuba dive has given Michael Cunnane a new lease of life.Michael is deaf and so has a head start when it comes …

re-sized jim carey bungee jumping

2008 | 20 March - 0 Comments

Jim Carrey bounces back

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that Jim Carrey isn’t extreme – he sent his stunt man home and jumped off the Arroyo Seco …

re-sized arthur c clark

2008 | 20 March - 0 Comments

Sci fi legend, Arthur C. Clark, dies

Arthur C. Clark, who died last week in his adopted home in Sri Lanka, was also an extreme sports enthusiast. I quote ‘The …

re-sized kitesurfers and beach users

2008 | 20 March - 0 Comments

Kite Quandary

Councillor Andrew Tutton fears that there could be a deadly collision between kite surfers and other beach users – he means …

re-sized scuba disasters
re-sized artificial limb
re-sized Dean Potter - slacklining
re-sized rope
re-sized zorb

2008 | 12 March - 0 Comments

Zorbing or is it absorbing?

Is this an extreme sport? …

re-sized map of New Zealand and Australia

2008 | 10 March - 0 Comments

Graham Bell and Ed Leigh take on extreme sports

Graham Bell (former downhill skier for England) and Ed Leigh took a look at extreme sports and what makes people participate …