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Banff National Park Skiing

2014 | 23 September - 0 Comments

A New 4 Part Series Filmed in Banff National Park’s 3 Ski Areas from Sherpas Cinema

Filmed in the Canadian Rockies by famed filmmakers Sherpas Cinema during 30 days of shooting across Banff National Park’s …

re-sized Thibaud Duchosal

2014 | 12 March - 0 Comments

Russia’s the flavour of the month for skiing

Sochi was the talk of Russia this year thanks to the Winter Olympics, but Thibaud decided to venture away from those crowded …

Is this the most extreme line taken by a snowboarder?

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Mt Washington 2014 | 27 January Is Mount Washington the most extreme place in the world?

At 6,288ft, Mt. Washington is the highest peak in the White Mountains and home to some of the planet’s most severe weather

Badwater Ultra-Marathon 2014 | 24 January NEW Badwater Ultra-Marathon – sign up NOW

The BADWATER® ultra running experience comes to the East Coast for the first time with the inaugural BADWATER CAPE FEAR race

re-sized Nazare 2013 | 31 October Big wave surfing in Portugal – HUGE waves

Has a new record been set in Nazaré, Portugal?

free skiing 2013 | 7 October Latest video for Thibaud Duchosal and friends

The official trailer for the RISE video

Racing-the-Planet-Blog-Banner-e1315981103399 2013 | 3 October RacingThePlanet news and forthcoming events

The world’s most extreme athletes compete in RacingThe Planet’s events

sarah outenkayak 2013 | 27 September Sarah Outen is on Terra Firma in the Aleutian Islands

She did it! Japan to Alaska in 150 days.

Alexander Polli 2013 | 23 September Unbelievable wingsuit cave flight

Superlative wingsuit flying through the Batman Cave.